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AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic

The AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic

During our 18 years of working with the Cotton Bowl, we have provided the following services in the stadium which holds 93,000 patrons, and its surrounding areas. CBAA hosted their annual New Years Game at the Cotton Bowl of which we worked 18 years at, handling the entire Stadium operations, outside buildings, Pep Rallies and Parade.

  • Pre, during, and after event cleaning for special events, concerts, and athletic events.
    • These events include a concerts for U2, Dixie Chicks & Los Tigres, Eric Clapton Crossroads Concert & The Call
    • Dallas Burn Soccer games, Cotton Bowl Classic football games, Texas/OU games; US Women’s World Cup, US vs. Mexico
    • Special request , back stage, Media Center and press box porters
    • AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic
  • Special projects, which include power washing, numbering seats, painting, concrete repair, dressing room painting and repair, restroom repair, and field painting;
  • Provide and set up tents, tables and chairs & numbering stadium
  • Hydrations Station Management
  • Placement of Terra-Plast Flooring for Concerts

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-Marty MacInnis

Cotton Bowl Classic

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